Summer 2018 Part 1

Summer is in full swing around here. Parties, swimming, hosting friends over, hot days, late nights and yummy foods.

We have a party every weekend. Crazy, but fun. For one party, I took the girls to Scooters Jungle and they were stoked to bounce around. I like how it was a smaller party, so the girls could have a bouncer to themselves, and it was low enough for Tay to climb into.


1.5 hours inside the bouncer is tiring, for the adults!


It was Ella's 3rd birthday and what's better than a dino themed party with cheese pizza and cupcakes?! We know Ella from church and the girls loved getting together to celebrate her big day.


That night, my bro D came over to hang with LJ and Eden, (we put the baby to bed at 7pm) and Ant and I went on a movie date! We watched Mission Impossible, one of our favorite movie series, and thought it was great. IMAX screen all the way. We thought the movie was entertaining but not as good as the Dubai Mission Impossible.


Every Sunday, we go to 9am service at church and meet up with Lola/Lolo (Ant's parents). After service they always buy the girls snacks. Spoiled.


On Monday morning, I took the girls to the dentist. They did great, both climbed into the chairs and got their teeth cleaned with no complaining or crying. I was thankful they were so brave since I had the baby with me too. Before I left, I scheduled Tayah for her first appointment since she already has 8 teeth. Dr. Wayne is our fav!


My nephew Hunter (age 7) has been around a lot in the mornings and it's so sweet to see him and Tayah bond. Here they are playing my Grandpa and Grandma's piano together.


One weeknight, Hunter had a scrimmage nearby our house, so we walked over after dinner and watched him play. It was intense!


It was a great summer night - chill, warm weather with a cool breeze. LJ joinied the team for snacks after the game.


We've had a heat wave lately in So Cal and this past month has reached high 80's. That is hot for us. Now, in mid August, it's just starting to ease up, and the temp has dropped back to mid 70's, just how we like it. We've played outside a lot on the trampoline - it's the perfect size for the kiddos, ages 4 and 3.


In food news, I've been enjoying some delicious meals and still eating relatively healthy. My SIL Jen made these Vietnamese noodle bowls and they were SO LEGIT. I poured fish sauce all over and slurp it down. Man, I want this dish again after seeing this pic.


Here's a pretty toast I made for breakie. Avocado on top of toasted wheat sourdough, topped with Everything But The Bagel seasoning. I make it for Hunter too, with a scrambled egg too. YUM. And for my lunches, I've been making colorful salads everyday. I use some type of chicken, or a chili lime chicken burger (from Trader Joes) and add in veggies, plantain chips, and honey mustard. It's so refreshing, and filling, yet light.


Every Friday night we are continuing to lead the young adult group at our church. This is where we feel God has called our family to serve within our church. Ant shares a message every week (he studies on week nights after work) and I take care of the potluck table, as well as get our girls checked into childcare class. He's teaching through a great series called GROWN UP, out of James chapter 3.


On this particular Friday night, Tayah cried in the class, so I got her out and she went to sleep on me in the Ergo baby carrier. I love her cuddles.


Saturday morning I took it slow with the girls, purged some stuff from our house to donate, while they painted in the garage. Then I made a colorful salad for my lunch - I put in everything from my fridge and pantry. SO GOOD> I made sure to eat healthy because  that day we headed to the OC Fair.


And here is where my hubby was that Saturday morning. He played in a basketball tournament at our family friends house. They have a basketball court in their backyard, overlooking the cities below. He came home sweaty and tired but injury free, which is all I asked for!


Around 4pm, we met up at church with The Bridge folks (church group), and headed out on a 30 minute drive. We parked our cars and caught the FREE shuttle that was near the mall.


It was hot that day, and our game plan to get there in the late afternoon and hang out at night, worked out well. The ticket and security lines were short and we got inside by 5:30pm.


Our first stop was $9 face painting!


And then of course, FOOD. I felt so much pressure to get GOOD items at the fair. Why? Because there are so many choices and I didn't want to regret my purchase. I went with TWO corn on the cobs (one with flaming hot Cheetos on top) and they did not disappoint. We also got a giant corn dog and it was juicy and flavorful. Success! Tay even climbed on the table to chomp the corn dog. 


Here's our young adult church group, including my cousin Kacie and her bf Russ. 


I love that Tay could share her first fair experience with her best friend, Harley. They are both 1!


After we all ate, it was time to win some prizes! We won't say how many rounds of games that Ant and Uncle D played in order to get each girl a stuffed animal. The water game had the best percent chance of winning and the shooting hoop game was the hardest!


As a last effort, Uncle D shot the basketball ONCE more and won Tayah a giant dog. I made sure he got a cute prize and not a 6 ft tall neon giraffe (looks cool but not something I want in my living room).


We spent our last few bucks on ice cream cones and the butterfly exhibit. By 7pm the weather was SO NICE. The pic of the girls sitting on the ground is my favorite, and they are each wearing a sweater auntie Jess brought them back from Peru on her recent mission trip.


See you next year, OC Fair!


On Sunday, I took Karin out for her birthday. We went to a new place in Tustin called Morning Lavender. It was a cute shop and cafe combo.


She bought a super cute denim dress.


We were seated in the patio at 10am, and it was nice, but by 11am it was HOT! We had black tea (good) and blood orange tea (not good), but the true highlight was the strawberry croissant. It was from a shop down the road called Cream Pan (Japanese, French bakery). BOMB. We went to Cream Pan after to pickup some extra to take home.


This place had the cutest details. Happy birthday Rin - my friend who I've known for 36 years!


The next day (Monday) I drove the girls to 1 hour South to hang out with my sis-in-law and kiddos. Her Mom has a fabulous pool and we spent the day in the cool water. 


To make the day even better, we took along some Chick Fi-A nuggets.


And to round out our afternoon we drove a mile to get Acai bowls. That short drive was enough to knock out Juni and Tayah.


Later that week, my Mom made a pineapple upside down cake. It came out perfect and so moist (Duncan recipe uses a packet of vanilla pudding).


And on Friday, the 10th we celebrated Tayah's 1st birthday (which is on August 11th). My Mom's 90 year old neighbor Barbara came over and gave Tay a present. She is the sweetest.


We decided to make frozen banana slices, covered with peanut butter, nutella, and (a little too many) sprinkles.


Saturday, August 11th. My baby turned ONE!

For breakfast I made her favorite smoothie - frozen spinach, frozen pineapple, frozen berries, banana, almond milk, and vanilla yogurt. She slurped it up. Her ates (older sisters) gave her birthday cuddles.


Then we took her outside for a mini photo shoot. Ive taken a pic of all three of my girls in this onesie. I have to find the others to do a side by side!


That afternoon (yes, on Tay's bday), we had a wedding! It was close by at church and it was the first time we witnessed a wedding in the atrium. our friends Erica and Arturo met at church and we've known them both individually and together. Their love story is such a testimony of what God has done, and is continuing to do in their lives. (Older girls were with Lola and Tay was with my Auntie and Mom).


After the ceremony, we found ourselves with a 2 hour break, so I invited all our friends over our place to hang out and play Catch Phrase. We laughed and played until the last minute, then all headed to the restaurant for the reception.


The bride and groom look like models!


We had a great time and then had to exit a bit early to go get Eden who was crying for us (and didn't want to sleepover Lola's house). Here we are being goofy with Jared and Cindy.


The next day we went swimming at Karin's house after church. I'm trying to have Lenny practice her swimming every weekend. She LOVES the water.


Uncle Jon and Karin swam with the girls and then we had yummy Pita 360 for dinner.


We also brought a smash cake for Tayah, that Lola Gigi had bought for her. She dug into it and noshed on the frosting.


Monday night we had Ant's HS friends Jill and Kevin over for dinner. They were so sweet to bring us pizza and we caught upon all things work and life. They are expecting their first baby in Dec, so we celebrated that joyous news with them!


This past Friday I took Eden to the nearbly splash pad and it was awesome.


I love that this activity was close by and FREE. We met up with a few friends and enjoyed water play and snack time.


That day was my Dad's dog Bailey's 6th birthday!


To wrap up this post, I'll end on these pics of my husband Ant in the hospital! To make a long story short, we had to ride an ambulance to the hospital at 4am on Saturday morning. Rather than a fun filled weekend in San Diego with our church leadership team, we spent 30 hours together cooped up with nurses and meds. He had a sudden infection and inflammation in his small intestine and that led to lots of pain. He couldn't eat or drink for the duration of the stay, but thankfully got to walk out of there on Sunday evening around 9pm.


Meanwhile, our three daughters were getting loved on by Lolo Tim, Lola Gigi and the other set of grand parents as well. I was able to stay over Sat night with Ant in the hospital and it was nice to hang out. It was like a date night for us.


Our friends went ahead to SD and had a wonderful weekend (they stayed Sat-Sun). We missed them but got lots of picture updates!


Sunday afternoon I took the girls to my Uncle's house to get some fresh air (Ant had lots of family visiting him in the hospital). I love being with my Komae cousins.


The dinner was EPIC, as expected. Every meal at Uncle Glenn's and Auntie Steph's is next level. Tay enjoyed four slices of watermelon for her meal.


After the party, we stopped by to break Ant out of the hospital. He was cleared to head home around 8pm on Sunday night after eating some soft foods and being pain free. Praise God! To everyone who messaged us and prayed for him, thank you!