4th of July

We had a HOT but incredible 4th of July this year. It was our first one with 3 little girls and will always be memorable for that reason alone. My Mom got the girls matching flag outfits and they were excited to wear them. Every time we see a flag now, they shout out "there is an American flag!"

Becuase fireworks were cancelled this year in our city, and it allowed for us to opt to hit the freeway and drive an hour south to my brother-in-laws house in Mission Viejo. We knew it would be hot but that it would be fun to spend the day with the girls' cousins down there. 


We arrived at noon and it was about 80 degrees. Good thing the girls were energized and ready to go with their matching sunglasses. Faye and LJ are 11 days apart (Len is older). 


We parked at my SIL's house and walked .5 mile to the lake fair. Isla (6 yrs old) was smart and scootered there. 


We looked through our old photos and realized that we had been to the fair back in 2012! This was back, before we were even married. I couldn't believe that we were returning six years later with three little daughters. 

I love this pic of Uncle Mike and Lenny holding hands. Also, this pic of the girls because I feel like the Moms are NEVER in any pics. 


The first thing we did was get face painting. I loved this for so many reasons:


A few weeks ago at LJ's preschool, she got her face painted and it took 10 minutes to wait and 30 min for a butterfly. THAT WAS TOO LONG. All that to say, I'm so glad this experience was better. 


We were at peak heat by this time, around 87 degrees, but found the PERFECT spot to post up with our double strollers, in the SHADE. The backdrop was the stunning lake, so I was sure to get a family shot of us five. 


A few adults stayed in the shade and the rest ventured out to play games with the kids. We bought over priced tickets and set out to have some fun. Being in the direct sun on the asphalt was like sweat-dripping-down-your-face and-neck level hot. Each kid got a small prize, and went on the bounce house and then we called it a day. 


Before we headed out, we had lunch - the kiddos had fries, and the other peeps had chicken shwarma wraps from a Mediterranean booth nearby and I busted out my own lunch. I'm currently doing Whole 30, and this was day 10, so I brought my own lunch (and dinner) along with me in a cooler, to be prepared. My lunch was hamburger meat lettuce wraps with mustard, Frank's hot sauce and pickled onions. It was yummy and filling but hard to eat while sitting on the ground. 


After we ate, we walked back to Mike and Sam's house to grab our things. That walk back was uphill and H O T. Phew! We got in our vans and drove 3 miles to her parent's house and jumped right into the pool. It was amazing and VERY refreshing. And how beautiful is Lizz's backyard?


We had three levels of swimmers: Isla and Lenya who swam the entire time and were like fish in the water. Eden and Faye who were step dwellers with their floaties on, and had so much fun just hanging there, and then Tayah who went in for a dip, laughed and came out. 


As I mentioned before, I also brought my own dinner to their house. This meal was pork chop, roasted cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and bell pepper with avocado on top. I knew I would be hungry after swimming, and the meal did not disappoint. No one seemd to mind that I brought my own food. (They had corn on the cob, bbq chicken and salad). 


After dinner we hung out and watched the movie Coco. That helped us wait it out until fireworks at 9pm! The kiddos were super sleepy, but we pushed through. 


We watched the first half of the movie at Lizz's house and the second half at Mike and Sam's house. Right around 8:30pm the kids were bathed up and very excited for watching fire works. They even chanted, "we're excited, we're excited!"


At 9pm we went to their backyard, everyone covered their ears (except Junior) and went back inside. HA! Anyways, it wasn't exciting for the kids and they were so not into it. Maybe next year! We drove home and got back past 10:30pm. What a fun day!


July 5th was my Dad's 64th birthday. And that wraps up our July 4th celebfrations!