Photo by  Jen Fujikawa

Photo by Jen Fujikawa

The beginning of "us" began with a dose of Divine intervention. Ant was attending the college group, and I (Stacie) was helping out the high school group across the very same church. Our paths crossed one weekend on a missions trip to San Francisco. Before the trip, my friend Christina said to me, "I've got THE guy for you" followed by, "I'm not going to tell you his name, I'll let God work it all out." I thought, "can I at least get a clue?" Well, just a few days later when him and I met, I knew he was the guy she had mentioned. He loved Jesus, was a talented designer and was really cute! We built a friendship from that first hello, one day at a time. (With lots of emails, texts and hangouts with our church fam)! I'm thankful that God had our paths cross, at the right time and most definitely with the right person.

The current "us" have been married three years and have two absolutely awesome little girls, Lenya and Eden. Our favorite memories are made at Disneyland, eating sushi, staying home, cruising the mall, and spending our weekends hanging with family and friends. With Summer on the horizon we plan to swim, bike, backyard BBQ and spend every day outside. We've made a commitment to serve the Lord together at the same church (and in the same ministry) where we met. We're planting roots in the college/young adult group and are stoked to raise our daughters there with so many friends and so much love. Ant currently works as a freelance designer and I work a full-time job as M-O-M.

The future "us" hopes we can continue adding tiny kids to our posse. We'd also like to travel each year, making new memories with our girls. It'll be exciting to see what God has for us at church, as we continue serving God at our church. I know it will be an area with great sacrifices, and yet such great rewards. A few personal goals we have for this year include learning the guitar (Ant), re-learning to drive stick (Stace), taking the girls on their first plane trip, run a family 5k and....well.... "The rest is still unwritten..."